6 Refrigeration Trends For 2019

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Are you ready to realise your business and events potential with the assistance of mobile refrigeration innovations?

Energy efficiency optimisation

The environmental impact of refrigeration rental units and their efficiency are key focus areas for refrigeration development specialists.

Old style mobile refrigeration parts and designs will be increasingly superseded by better produced and more cost-effective solutions that leave a minimal effect on the planet and its inhabitants.

Plastic usage and waste are prominent in the news; developers should react accordingly.

Smart technology

Mobile refrigeration designers and suppliers appreciate that Wi-Fi, the Internet of Things and the adoption of smart innovations are an inevitability. Almost every area of life is becoming digital and cold rooms and freezer trailers are no exception. The optimum operation, easy to use smart problem solving refrigeration rental facilities are in development so keep an eye out for the latest updates and new products.

Traceability and responsibility

Chefs, caterers and restaurant owners are becoming increasingly likely to use local produce and suppliers and to name their sources to diners who are inquisitive and seek a responsible provider. Every product should be in its finest condition when it reaches the diner so attention to accessible mobile refrigeration, including rental facilities, is an important way to make a good impression. What is the sense of asking a local farmer to produce an organic unique product if your preparation and storage care diminishes the positive impact for the consumer?


Reducing food waste is a key feature of sustainability. Refrigeration rental is a primary tool for maximising food life spans and quality.

According to WRAP, The Waste and Resources Action Programme, restaurants waste £682 million per annum and approximately 10% of the waste is meat, dairy or eggs and over 15% is fruit or vegetables.

Food waste from pubs, restaurants, hotels and quick service restaurants accounts for 41% of the national waste produced. Effective stock management and the employment of efficient refrigeration are essential to minimise waste and to maximise profits.

Competitive pricing on refrigeration rental units

The market is highly competitive. You may not welcome the expenditure on a fridge or freezer trailer, but it could not only save stock but increase consumer numbers thanks to your ability to serve more people instead of sending them away. Flexibility is key; hire durations, facilities sizes, position and power supplies are decided by you, the client.

Health and safety

Not a new trend but a must. Food hygiene incidents, cross contamination and non-compliance with legislation pose threats to consumers, to stock life and business viability. Don’t take risks; the fee for hire facilities is substantially less than legal action and penalties.

With over 25 years of experience, Icecool Trailers will continue to provide innovative mobile refrigeration solutions at the best prices so that you can achieve your goals with minimum wastage and impact on the environment and maximised operational capabilities. We look forward to smart technology being rolled out across the restaurant, hospitality and healthcare sectors. Our outstanding refrigeration rental units are one phone call or e-mail away.