Business advantages of working with a translation services provider

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Globalisation is now a part of our everyday lives. As the world is getting smaller, the markets are getting bigger. Today, even locally based businesses are able to approach international clients through their digital efforts and trade with customers and partners based practically anywhere in the world with ease, simply using their website. Nevertheless, before this is possible, a number of steps must be taken, and sometimes, it is easier said than done.

One of the most significant and vital aspects of taking your company abroad is reaching out to the potential customers in their native language. A step, which is continuously overlooked by a number of business owners looking to cut costs. Although an initial investment is indeed necessary while working with a translation agency, the return on that investment can be truly great. Nowadays, the old ‘one-for-all’ approach simply doesn’t work anymore. Both, your services/products as well as marketing efforts must be localised specifically for the audience you wish to address.

According to a recent study, over 90% of European customers prefer to shop online if the information on a website is available in their first language and over 50% of them rarely or never buys goods on websites with information available only in English.

As you can see, the statistics clearly indicate the unquestionable importance of translation services.

Working with an expert company specialising in providing language services, whether it’s translations, localisations or transcreation services, will allow you to approach your chosen overseas market with a tailored message.

Importance of translating your website

For companies without a physical presence in their target market, a website is perhaps the most important marketing/sales tool. It is the first point of contact between a company and customers abroad, it builds trust, company image, and can lead directly to increasing revenue from the foreign market. Giving the statistics mentioned previously, you can probably already see how truly vital translating your website can be.

Some organisations choose to use free online translation tools such as Google Translate. Although these tools are fantastic for everyday use, e.g. communicating with friends or family, business owners should not use them for business purposes. Tools such as Google Translate are becoming more and more accurate every year, however, they aren’t able to match a human translator’s creativity and accuracy just yet.

Consequently, for any business purposes, such as translating a company’s website, it is always recommended to work with professional translation agencies which specialise in translating and localising marketing content.

Translate and increase customer satisfaction

Customers prefer to shop in their native language, there is not doubt about that. A recent study by a translation agency Translations London 24 showed the bounce rate before and after translating one of their client’s website. The rate of website visitors in an international market who left the client’s website without exploring further or making a purchase oscillated around 75%. Once the agency translated the content, the bounce rate dropped to as little as 30%. This clearly indicates that more customers are willing to explore a website and commit to a purchase if they are able to do so in their language.

Behind every good translation stands a great agency

Translation services are an extremely demanding industry. When translating material for your company, it is essential to find a partner which will be able to meet your high standards and deliver accurate translations on time. There are a number of translation companies specialising in particular business sectors, whether its marketing, legal, technical or financial areas. One of the easiest way to find a professional linguist is through recommendation. Alternatively, you can perform a quick Google search and a list of professional providers of translation services will appear.

When choosing a translation agency, it can be very useful to read reviews, ideally on third party websites such as Yelp or Google Reviews, to get an indication of how accurate and professional an agency really is, and what business sectors they are able to cover.


Another aspect of business which can be influenced by translations and can impact your company’s sales and revenue is your company’s image abroad. This can be especially important while you are still the ‘new player’ within a foreign market and are trying to build a strong brand awareness amongst consumers. By translating your content, your brand will come across more consumer-friendly and consequently increase your conversion rates.

As you can see, working with a translation company can bring your business a number of benefits. From growing sales and revenue, increasing your conversion rate on a website and helping your company’s image abroad. It is however important o remember that although a good translation can be extremely helpful, a bad one can in many cases prove to be harmful and therefore it is essential to work with a trusted provider who can deliver accurate translations in a timely manner and who specialises within your particular business sector.