DIY Solar Water Heater Exposed

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If you’re looking into the idea of living grid free, you’ll eventually have to tackle the issue of heating your home’s water supply. You can hire companies that specialize in custom building home plumbing Brisbane, or you can take a smart approach and first learn about this technology from a do-it-yourself standpoint. If you do, you’ll find that this technology is relatively simple. DIY Solar Water Heater was the first of 2 (so far) do-it-yourself products that I’ve obtained and reviewed for my personal interests.

To start things off, I want you to know that by the time I finished reviewing the contents of this product, I felt like I had just went through a college course on solar water heater engineering! But on a similar note, I was able to absorb the contents of this course because of how easy the author explained things. This subject, though simple in its nature, does require you to understand a variety of components. What I thought the author did a fine job of was breaking down this large subject into smaller pieces that are easily understood.

What I thought was very helpful was in the beginning of the guide, the author takes you through the various types of solar water heaters which each have their own specific application and setting they work best in. I had no idea there could be so many different types! After learning of this, I felt a bit overwhelmed, but eventually the author simplifies things and shows you which type is most universally practical and least expensive to build. He recommends your first project to be centered around a “passive system”

Some of the many topics the guide covers:

* System Types

* Passive Direct and Indirect Systems

* Active Indirect Systems

* System Components

* Freeze Protection

Outside of the main guide there were 4 “bonus” guides which I thought contained some valuable info as well. They included:

  1. Energy Saving Tips (Simple tips to lower your electric bill)
  2. Solar Power for Energy (Extensive guide covering all the aspects of solar energy)
  3. Living Green (Tips for reducing your carbon footprint)
  4. Green Living (125 ways to save money by becoming environmentally conscious)

I would like to share that I’m not the “handiest” person around the house, so after reviewing all that is required to build one of these units, I plan on having a buddy with me just in case. However, if you’re the home improvement maniac type, you shouldn’t have any problem taking this project! The guide if clear in spelling out all this is required to build your own solar water heater.

In closing, if you’re seriously considering the idea eventually eliminating your water heating bill through a home solar water heater, it would be worth your investment to check out the DIY Solar Water Heater Guide. Two words sum up this guide: THOROUGH AND DETAILED!