Features Expected on Future Smartphones

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As the name implies, a smartphone is a phone device that is created with more intelligence than just a regular phone. In addition to performing basic functions as a phone, the smartphone is also equipped with various features such as Casio camera, GPS, Wi-Fi, etc. With such rich features, no doubt if the smartphone is called a mini computer.

  1. Flexible Screens

We hope that in the future we will be able to listen to music, enjoy watching movies, play our favorite games on big screen and comfortable, but only by using smartphones which is easy to carry anywhere.

Currently, there is a Light-Emitting Diode technology or abbreviated OLED. This technology allows us to see the screen from two sides. Like a transparent screen, we can present a picture or video to our friends from the back side while the other side we use for control. Please click Read more

With the presence of this feature, our smartphone will be facilitated in terms of mobility. We do not need to worry about putting a smartphone in the pants because of the form of the smartphone we can adjust.

In fact, many companies have future concepts related to this technology. Nokia for example, they plan to develop wearable devices or devices that can be used such as watches, bracelets, etc. By utilizing this technology, the benefits will be more comfortable when used. This is a link from Nokia with regards to their concepts,

  1. Built-in projector

If the flexible screen is not enough, why not use projector ?. projector screen on a smartphone that we can take anywhere, so we do not need to use a big screen that is inconvenient to watch with HD screens with friends. With this projector technology, we can watch the screen of 50 inches just by using a smartphone. Read also: Enterprise Web Apps Development Services

Later with the portable projector technology on the smartphone, we can create their own cinema. More than that, we can create a solid game playground, even when we are traveling through.

Currently, there are already some devices that already have such technology, such as in handy camp cameras and a small portion of smartphones. However, further developments are needed for portable projectors to work optimally.

  1. 3D Screens & Holograms

Nowadays smartphones have achieved technology with outstanding graphics, such as Apple’s retina technology. The technology can display images sharper than what our eyes can feel. However, of course we still not quite up there. Big companies are now beginning to shift from the era of 2D screens to 3D screens. Currently there are 2 most popular products that use this technology, the LG Optimistic 3D and Motorola MT810.

So, what else do we want after 3D ?. The big step that we can present next is the Hologram Projection technology. In essence, this technology is the development of technology projector that uses 3D base.