New Package for Advanced Glue Product

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I made a glue. A powerful glue actually. It was air and photoreactive, so I needed a lightproof packaging made of a material that would isolate the substance from the outside air. It took me some time to find a retarder for curing that would allow a little air in the package to be okay once the container was put in use. However, it had to be a minuscule amount. I got one of the best adhesive packaging companies to develop a membrane package with a pump applicator. The inner membrane was like a plastic bag that collapsed as the product was used up. Thus eliminating any development of air space like you would have in a standard bottle as the product dispenses. The outer container that covered the membrane was lightproof.

This gave my product a long shelf life and allowed it to be strong and cure fast without needing to mix in any two-part catalyst system like epoxies need. You just pressed the pump on the container and dispensed out exactly what amount of glue you needed. No muss and no fuss thanks to the work of the best of the adhesive packaging companies I used to come up with the container and to actually get it into production. The glue, or adhesive, industry is huge. It is not just your average homeowner looking to fix a broken knick-knack. Glues are used in everything from the construction to the automotive and even the medical industries. There are even adhesives that will stick fast to skin and not cause any harm when pulled off. They hold up to sweat, showering, bathing and swimming. Adhesives are actually an advanced technology. I even remember specialized adhesives being used to mount the heat-resistant tiling on the space shuttle. You can even glue engine parts now.